Recent Acts

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2019 Appropriation Act 2018 Government Borrowing and Guarantee Amendment Act 2016 Supplementary Appropriation Act (No.1) 2019 Supplementary Appropriation Act (No.2) 2019

Tuvalu Whole of Government Audit Report and Financial Statements 2016 onward

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The following are the Tuvalu Whole of Government Audit Report and Financial Statements post 2015.  The Financial year end is 31 December and the audit report and financial statements are.. read more

Code of Conduct and Ethics 2016

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The Auditor General have approved an updated Code of professional Conduct and Ethics 2016 applied to all staff of the Office of the Auditor-General.

Tuvalu Government Financial Instructions

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The current Financial Instructions of the Tuvalu Government were revised and updated in 2014. The updated Financial Instructions are attached below: Financial Instructions commencement 1 January 2015 Outdated Financial Instructions.. read more

Government of Tuvalu Monthly Dashboards 2016 onwards

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The Monthly Dashboard is a report produced by the Tuvalu Government detailing a summary of the financial performance of the Tuvalu Government for the year to date. Note that these.. read more

Tuvalu Government Taxation Circulars and Newsletter

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Taxation Circulars and Newsletter for the year 2013 Circular 1 Circular 2 Taxation Circulars and Newsletter for the year 2014 Fourth Quarter Newsletter – October to December 2014

Tuvalu Aviation Investment Project Annual Reports

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The Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP) is funded by the World Bank (WB) and has the development objective to (i) improve the safety, security, efficiency, management and environmental sustainability of airports, and.. read more

Coastal Protection Management in Tuvalu Performance Audit

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Coastal Protection Management in Tuavlu

Sustainable Fisheries Performance Audit Report

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Sustainable Fisheries Performance Audit Report